I am a certified Clinical Massage Therapist and Sports massage therapist and I have clinics in Lisbon, Portugal. I will remove your pain and restore your mobility so that you can move and function in your life pain free – Your pain can be eased in just one appointment.


If you are visiting Lisboa and are in pain or in need of some relaxation, I am very happy to see you for just one treatment. Contact me to arrange a time to be Pain Free today+351 926533185 (I am on whatsapp, when I am online) or email fiona.realenergy@gmail.com



I am trained in a range of massage techniques including clinical, deep tissue, sports and light rhythmical massage. At any one time I will use what is needed for each individual.

Where I work

Biaxa, Lisbon 

Rua da Assunção 42, 4. floor, room 28
1100-044 Lisboa, Baixa

Tel: +351 926 533 185

Close to Rossio and Biaxa-Chiado Metro stations.


Colares, Sintra

Please call to get address and arrange an appointment.

I am available week days from 9h to 20h30 (9am to 8.30pm).

I am available week days between 9h and 20h30 (9am to 8.30pm), please call me to book an appointment.


What is Clinical Massage Therapy?

I use deep tissue massage as part of the treatment, however, Clinical Massage Therapy is so much more than a deep tissue massage, sometimes called a Sports Massage. I am trained to and, will carry out a thorough assessment of your body to determine why you have an injury and / or are experiencing pain (see below).


I use a technique were I move your body, while I am applying pressure to your deep muscle fibres or fascia (continuous layer of soft tissue under your skin, that surrounds muscles, bones, organs, nerves and blood vessels).

Studies have found that the benefits of this “active massage” are:

  • Myofasia release.
  • A faster recovery.
  • Restores circulation.
  • Removes built up waste products.
  • Improves posture.
  • Breaks down scar tissue.

I believe that all the ‘parts’ of the physical body are connected and function as a whole unit; therefore I treat all of the ‘parts’ of the body that are more closely connected and not just the ‘part’ that is painful – You may have noticed this that other ‘parts’ of your body feel stiff and are difficult to move and not JUST the painful ‘part’.


Assessment of your body’s alignment

I will assess your body’s alignment and using gentle exercises that will not be painful or cause any further trauma, I will show you how to keep your body aligned, pain free and healthy. This will help you regain your natural sense of balance and ease the body of any unnecessary tension and restore your body’s natural health.


Reported Benefits of Clinical Massage Therapy

  • Cure and restore mobility to injured muscles.
  • Ease muscular pain, by removing waste products.
  • Release tension from muscles, body and mind.
  • Increase circulation.
  • Restore your natural sense of balance and alignment.
  • Increase your flexibility and endurance.
  • Enhance your performance.


What is a treatment session like?

I will:

  • Ask how you are.
  • Assess your posture.
  • Palpate the area of pain.
  • Test the range of movement in your muscles and joints.
  • Realign your hips, if needed.
  • Teach you how to keep your hips in alignment, by yourself.
  • Massage the area of pain and the parts of the body that are closely connected.
  • Use ultrasound, ice, heat or whatever else may be needed.
  • Show you rehabilitation exercises for your particular injury.
  • Give you any follow up advice that may be needed.


“I met Fiona by lucky accident after 4 months of ineffective physio for very painful tennis elbow. Fiona assessed and treated my whole body, not just the affected elbow. I had been contemplating surgery, but after 3 sessions with Fiona the pain has completely gone. I have since recommended her to friends and colleagues. I plan to continue seeing Fiona every now and then, but purely as a treat, as I feel amazing after each treatment, completely rejuvenated.”

Diane Jackson, Dunstable, UK.

“A Fiona utilizou a sua empatia e assertividade para descobrir o meu problema. Explicou-me com detalhe o seu diagnóstico e qual a solução correspondente. A massagem resultou num alívio significativo da dor. Recomendo-a!”

Adolfo Veiga, Lisbon, Portugal.