Are you experiencing stress?

Are you experiencing Stress?

Are you exhausted, but cannot sleep?

Do you find it hard to relax?

Are you always on the go, but never get things done?

Have persistent health problems?

If the answer is yes to any of these you are most likely experiencing stress.

What is Stress?

“Stress occurs when the demand placed on a person, whether physical, mental or emotional, affects that persons’ natural ability to function healthfully”.

When a person experiences stress chemical changes take place in their body that automatically activates the fight or flight response, which contracts the body. In everyday life a person cannot respond to the stress they are experiencing by striking out or leaving the room. Thus, the chemical reaction does not get discharged and the person’s body remains contracted. The consequences of this is that the next time the person feels even slightly under pressure their body will ‘overreact’ and the stress response will be reactivated.

Over a short period of time the body’s ability to repair itself is restricted and the person’s ability to function is significantly reduced.

Stress Management Training

Real Energy provides stress management training individually, in groups and for corporations.

You can recognise stress in yourself and live a more balanced and healthy life, by learning and developing new skills in:

Understanding Stress – Prevent stress from overwhelming you, by recognising and using your optimum level of performance.

Body Ergonomics – Learn how to be aware of your posture and movements to rid yourself of unnecessary tension.

A ‘Toolbox’ – Of skills including time management, improving your breathing and challenging your thought patterns.
Lifestyle aims – Diet and exercise. Relaxation exercises and meditation.

Space – A stress-free space to choose what you need, to sit, to relax, to talk and to receive stress management and other therapies (see left).

Combined treatment

Any body work reduces the physical, mental and emotional stress in the system. As I am qualified to teach Stress Management to individuals and groups and am also a qualified body therapist I am able to incorporate the teaching of stress management while giving you body therapy. This greatly reduces the stress in your system and enhances your ability to integrate the stress management techniques into your daily life.



I can provide half day or full day trainings in your workplace.
For more information please contact me.

Private groups

I can run Stress Management workshops at a time or place that suits you.
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“Fiona has helped me to release stress symptoms like emotional stress and physical tensions.”

Ajahn Metta, Amaravati Buddhist Monastery.