The purpose of Energy Readings

By reading ‘your’ energy I can help you become aware of what you are creating in your life.

The purpose of having ‘your’ energy read is that if you do not like how you are using the energy and what you are creating in your life with this energy, you can change. The energy in your body, heart and mind is not set in stone. Energy moves and flows, you could say it changes, all the time; it is the only thing that energy can do. At the point of death the energy leaves your body, heart and mind, as the energy can no longer move and flow in you.

How you change the energy is by changing your thoughts, emotions and actions to be more in line with what you want to create in your life.

I can help you be more present with yourself and be healthy.

Do you feel tired for no reason?

Not feeling yourself, but not sure why?

Does everything feel like a struggle?

Not sure what direction to follow?

Do you feel lost?

I can help you find the answer.

An explanation of energy

Your body is made up of billions of cells. Each one of these cells functions at their own particular frequency. This frequency is controlled by the energy in your body, heart and mind.

We have all had the experience where everything is going right and it seems and feels easy. This is because ‘your’ energy and all your cells are functioning at the same frequency and you are flowing with life.


I can only read ‘your’ energy if you give me permission too. I only read people’s energy when they have given me verbal permission to do so. I cannot and would not want to read your mind.

Energy Readings by telephone

I can read ‘your’ energy with you in person, or over the phone.


“Fiona is a truly amazing women; she is like a diamond with many facets… her wisdom, her oneness with the universe and her compassion. Fiona helped reconnect me to who I am. Her knowledge and her ability to truly see people is a gift that everyone should experience in their lifetime.”

Emma Wheat, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CPCC, ACC, Dubai